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Medical Weight Loss

Maintaining a healthy weight is the first step in achieving optimal well being, but it’s not easy- and it might not be all your fault!

Jessica personally understands how challenging weight loss and maintenance can be in the western society. She is a compassionate provider that is sincerely interested in getting you healthy. By incorporating traditional and unconventional methods, Jessica will design a successful FAT LOSS treatment plan just for you .

Below are a few of the treatments that may be used alone or in combination to achieve your goals. Call to discuss your options today.

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They did it, and SO CAN YOU…

The hCG Diet

Lose Up to 30lbs in 30 days

The hCG diet is an unconventional, very low calorie, weight loss plan that results in rapid fat loss. Adding hCG injections to a low calorie diet directs weight loss from fat rather than precious muscle (which is a concern when calorie consumption drops below 500 cal/day with other traditional low calorie diets). Low calorie dieting without hCG can result in loss of muscle, weakness, and a slow metabolism.

​How does it work? hCG, a hormone present in men and women, is produced in larger quantities during pregnancy. One important function of this hormone during pregnancy involves signaling the brain to rapidly release fat to nourish the fetus if the mother’s caloric intake drops . Dr. Simeons (Endocrinologist and creator of the hCG diet) reports that even in the absence of pregnancy, this hormone continues to promote fat mobilization in men and women when they eat very low calories. Instead of functioning on calories from ingested food, the body uses the fat released by hCG for energy instead (approximately 2000 fat calories per day). Patients report reduced hunger, and minimal side effects while using hCG. After the diet, you are slowly integrated into eating normal, healthier foods again, while learning lifelong lessons to keep the weigh off for good!

hCG is not FDA approved for weight loss, but has worked as a last resort “off label” for people to lose stubborn fat, or those who have failed other methods. Like many others, I was initially skeptical, but after over a year of personally researching and applying the protocol to a select group of volunteers, I now confidently recommend this plan when I deem it is appropriate. It has helped many of my patients who previously struggled to lose weight. As with any medication or treatment, there are inherent risks associated with the hCG diet. Each patient is carefully screened at Harmony in Health prior to initiating therapy. Even still, the risks are far less than, say, Gastric Bypass surgery, but the outcome is similar- in fact, in my opinion, better.

B12 & Other ​​Vitamin Injections

Maximize your Current Weight Loss Efforts



By definition, a lipotropic substance decreases the accumulation of fat in the liver and accelerates its removal out of the body.  When your liver is healthier, it will work better for you.  Fat is shed much faster with diet and exercise especially from the most stubborn areas: lower abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms. This exclusive blend of vitamins and amino acids work to burn fat faster and increase energy.

Vitamin B-12 and Complex

​The Vitamin B Max injection includes Vitamin B 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 12 to promote energy production, a health nervous and digestive system, nourish the red blood cells, hormone development, mood, focus, and memory concentration. ​


Adenosine is a naturally occurring substance in the body that is central in the creation of energy at the cellular level which boosts the body’s ability to metabolize food by literally causing the cells to heat up and burn more calories.  Great for getting over a weight loss plateau, rapid weight loss, chronic fatigue, and/or a slow metabolism.


Glutathione is a potent antioxidant. This amino acid, stored in muscle, is important for removing toxins, supporting the immune system and healthy brain function.  Chronic stress, inflammation, intense endurance training and illness can deplete your body of glutamine resulting in weakness, illness and infections.